Park Circus Films

As the Technical Director of tictoc, I was the backend developer for this multilingual, media-heavy information and catalog website for the international film distributor.

About the project

Park Circus is an international film distribution company responsible for over 20,000 titles from many of the world's biggest movie studios.

They approached tictoc looking for a new and improved website which would be able to showcase their extensive database in a visually engaging format, and which would allow for hassle-free management of the content.

The resulting solution at www.parkcircus.com is a visually engaging site with easy access to sort and search their film database, and to learn more about the services they provide.

The Film Database

Due to the large database of films to be featured on this site, it was important to ensure ease-of-access to site visitors, and ease of management for Park Circus.

The site's film database is integrated directly with the company's internal management systems, periodically pulling updates to the data and refreshing the corresponding website content through a series of predefined transforms.

Key features

  • Clean, accessible and cross-platform design implemented by tictoc's in-house designers.
  • Comprehensive film search covering a variety of data fields, with free text search and disambiguation.
  • Searchable database of film screenings, detailing the company's films current showing across the world.
  • Near-real-time integration with a the company's internal film management management app.
  • Fully content-managed, with features for uploading and editing additional assets and editing text.
  • Multilingual, with a French version derived from the same database but offering translated content.

Further information

tictoc are a UK-wide digital marketing agency with offices in London and Glasgow, and they're great guys – if you're looking for an agency, give them a shout!